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Preliminary Program

International Conference on Family Medicine and Home Health Care (ICFM 2019)
Hilton Riyadh Hotel & Residences, 23-25 April
Preliminary Program Day 1 - Tuesday - 23 April

Main Hall
07:30-08:00 HRS Registration
Time Session Speakers
08:00-08:30 HRS History of FM in KSA تاريخ طب الأسرة في المملكة العربية السعودية Dr. Zohair Al Sebai
08:30-09:00 HRS Innovation in provision of primary health care services 1.Information technology, 2.Digital transformation, 3.Telemedicine in F.M Dr. Amar Jamal
09:00-09:30 HRS Quality in health care and patient safety; what is in it for me! Dr. Noura Al Nowaiser
09:30-09:45 HRS Tea / Coffee Break
09:45-10:30 HRS FM in 2030 vision , the new model of care Dr. Mohammed Al Saghier
10:30-11:00 HRS Role of health care private sectors in national transformation Dr. Ashraf Amir
11:00-12:00 HRS Opening ceremony
12:00-13:00 HRS Prayer & Lunch Time

Main Hall Parallel Session
Time Topic Speaker Time Topic Speaker
13:00-13:45 HRS Capacity & quality of family medicine training / in governmental & private sectors.
Dr. Mohammed Al Rukban 13:00-13:15 HRS EBM and its rational in clinical practice – theory lecture. Dr. Ghadah Alarfaj
13:15-13:30 HRS Levels of evidence - lecture. Dr. Tariq Alsaid
13:30-14:00 HRS Formulating an answerable clinical question – lecture. Dr. Ayman Afify
14:00-14:45 HRS Home health care in Saudi Arabia Dr. Ali Al Ghamdi
14:00-14:15 HRS Tea Break
14:15-14:45 HRS How to search for primary source? Lecture. Dr. Maher Al Sakkak
14:45-15:00 HRS
14:45-15:00 HRS How to search for secondary source? Lecture. Dr. Maher Al Sakkak
15:00-15:45 HRS Diabetes in Ramadan Dr. Mohammed Al maatouq 15:00-15:45 HRS All you need to know in meta-analysis Dr. Nadeer Al Khadhrawi
15:45-16:30 HRS Integrated care model
for diabetes management
Dr. Ayla Tourkmani 15:45-16:30 HRS Statistic for Meta-analysis Dr. Nadeer Al Khadhrawi
Closure Day 1

Preliminary Program Day 2 - Wednesday - 24 April, 2019

Main Hall
Time Topic Speaker
08:30-09:00 HRS Insurance of Medical care Privatization of health care & medical insurance Dr. Abdulwahab Al Khumais
09:00-09:30 HRS New era of HHC
-using technology in Communication & Dx of HHC Patients.
-Privatization of HHC
Dr. Abdulrahman Abudahish
09:30-10:00 HRS Caring for ageing family,
Stressors & dilemmas
Dr. Ahmed Al Shehri
10:00-10:15 HRS Tea / Coffee Break
10:15-11:00 HRS Wound care in home setting Dr. Vince Zevallos Herencia
11:00-11:30 HRS Wellness of care giver Dr. Anwar Al Ghamdi
11:30-12:00 HRS HHC Fellowship - Hopes & Demands
Dr. Abdulrahman Abudahish
Dr. Ahmed Al Shehri
Dr. Aeshah alsagheir
12:00-12:15 HRS Trend of Risk Factors of Non-Communicable Disease in Saudi Arabia Dr. Rajaa Al Radadi
12:15-13:00 HRS Prayer & Lunch Time

Main Hall Parallel Session
Time Topic Time Topic Speaker
13:00-13:30 HRS Combination therapy for type 2 Diabetes – challenges and controversies Dr. Aus Al Zaid 13:00-13:15 HRS Introduction / Quantitative vs. Qualitative research Dr. Amanda / Dr.Saad Albattal
13:30-14:00 HRS Hypoglycemia
All you need to know!
Dr. Eduard Montanya 13:15-13:35 HRS Formulation of research questions & hypothesis Dr. Ayman Afifi
14:00-14:15 HRS Tea / Coffee Break
14:15-15:00 HRS Obesity
Risk & Management updates
Dr. Med. Matthias Bluher 13:35-14:00 HRS Types of studies
Dr. Mustafa Kofi
15:00-15:30 HRS Cardiovascular risk assessment Dr. Abdullah Al Khushail 14:15-15:00 HRS Descriptive & analytic statistics Dr. Amanda / Dr. Mustafa Kofi
15:30-16:00 HRS Dyslipidimia & HTN update Dr.Samih R. Lawand 15:15-15:45 HRS Research Proposal Dr. Amanda
15:45-16:00 HRS Publishing your research Dr. Amanda
Closure Day 2

Preliminary Program Day 3 - Thursday - 25 April, 2019

Main Hall
Time Topic Speaker
08:00-08:30 HRS Infection control in health care institutions; Do we do enough! Dr.abdulrahman Algeer
08:30-09:00 HRS Reporting & Notification of Communicable disease in KSA Dr. Ahmed Hakawi
09:00-09:30 HRS Adult Immunization & Vaccination Dr. Fayssal Farahat

Main Hall Parallel Session
Time Topic Time Topic Speaker
09:30-10:00 HRS Epidemiology of Mental Health Dr.Yousf alshehri 9:30 - 10:00 HRS Assessment of Diabetic Wound Dr. Vince Zevallos Herencia
10:00-10:15 HRS Tea / Coffee Break
10:15-11:00 HRS Family physician as a patient Stress, burn out, LBP Prof. Fergus 10:15 - 11:00 Prevention and Management of Diabetic Foot Diseases Dr. Vince Zevallos Herencia
11:00-11:30 HRS Emergency medicine in primary care Dr. Abdulmajeed Al Showaier / Dr. Stevn J Parrillo
11:30-12:00 HRS Research contribution in F.M practice Dr. Amanda / Dr. Turki Al Harbi
12:15-13:00 HRS Prayer & Lunch Time
13:00-14:00 HRS 5 Oral Presentation 10 minutes per each
Research panel Q & A 15 minutes
14:30 HRS Closure of the conference
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